The name of the club is the Civil Aviation Amateur Golf Society(Prestwick), otherwise known as CAAGS (Prestwick).
The Club is constituted for the promotion of the game of golf and has adopted as its home courses the Troon Municipal courses of Lochgreen and Darley.
All competitions shall be played under R & A rules. The Committee shall be empowered to make such Local Rules as they consider necessary in the interests of the Club.

Although CAAGS (
Prestwick) Ladies is affiliated to this club, the Ladies have developed their own Constitution, Rules and Competitions.

Club Membership
Full membership is open to employees of the National Air Traffic Services who are members of the NATS Sports and Leisure Club (
Associate members will be admitted at the discretion of the Committee, up to a maximum of 25% of the total membership.  Associate members have no voting rights.
Honorary membership, not to exceed three at any time, may be offered to any person who has carried out exceptional services to the Club.  It can only be offered on recommendation of the Committee and following a vote at the Annual General Meeting, where at least two thirds of those present at the
AGM must support the offer.
Retired Full members can continue as members at subscription rates to be determined annually by the Committee.

Applicants accepted for membership shall be subject to a Joining Fee which shall be determined annually by the Committee.
The Subscription year shall be from the 1st February to 31st January. Members must pay the annual subscription within one month after the
AGM.  Failure to do so will mean that membership shall cease.
Any member who appears to the Committee to endanger the character, interest or good name of the Club, may be suspended from the Club.

The Committee
The Office Bearers of the Club are:  Captain, Vice Captain, Secretary, and Treasurer. The terms of office for the Captain and Vice Captain shall be for two years whereas the other Office Bearers shall be elected annually.
The retiring Captain will remain an additional member of the Committee during the two years after his term of office.
Election to the Committee shall take place at the Club’s Annual General Meeting.  Only current members of the Club shall be eligible for election to the Committee.
The Committee, three of which is a quorum will meet as often as required. All decisions of the Committee shall be adopted only by a majority vote of those present at the Committee meeting.
The Committee has the power to co-opt members onto the Committee if vacancies occur during the year. Co-opted members will serve until the next Annual General Meeting.
The Committee has the power to form Sub-Committees comprising any members of the Club.
The Committee’s decision on all matters is final.

The Club’s Accounts & Books
Correct Accounts and Books shall be kept showing the financial affairs of the Club.
The Treasurer will present a Statement of Accounts to Club members at the Annual General Meeting.  Prior to this two members of the Club will audit the Books & Accounts.
Withdrawals from the Club funds can only be made on the joint signatures from two of the following Office Bearers:  Captain, Secretary and Treasurer.

General Meetings
A General Meeting shall be held each year not later than 1st February at which the Committee Reports and Statement of Accounts shall be submitted for approval.  The election of Office Bearers and Committee Members shall take place and any other business transacted.
Items for business for inclusion in the agenda of the
AGM must be given in writing to the Secretary at least 21 days before the meeting.  The full agenda will be posted on the Club’s Notice Board at least 14 days before the meeting.
Any member of the Club may ask the Secretary to call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club to consider any issue on which he may feel aggrieved, provided he gives at least 21 days notice in writing specifying the grounds of the complaint and provided it is supported by not less than 10 members of the Club. 

The Club’s Notice Board
The following conditions must be satisfied before a private advertisement is displayed on the Club’s Notice Board:
The person placing the advertisement must be a member of CAAGS. Permission must be sought from the Captain or Secretary of CAAGS. The advertisement is golf related.
The advertisement does not conflict with any activity or promotion organised by CAAGS.

Shall, unless otherwise stated, be played from Medal Tees.
Before competing, the Player must enter his name in the book provided with the CAAGS Box in the Professionals Shop. If this is not available for any reason, play can be commenced provided the players agree with each other that they are entering the competition and that the names are recorded in the book immediately following completion of the round. After completion of the round, the card (including No Returns) must be deposited in the CAAGS Box. If the Box is not available for the deposit of cards, it is the players responsibility to notify his score to the Secretary no later than the end of the day following the competition.

All matches are to be played over Darley or Lochgreen, the challenger having the choice. Other venues may only be used by mutual consent. Irrespective of who is the Challenger BOTH parties should make contact to arrange the tie as soon as possible.

The challenger is the top name in the draw and must provide three reasonable dates for his opponent otherwise he faces disqualification. If the opponent cannot meet these dates, he will concede the match.

If a match is not played by the notified date, the challenger (if he has complied with the above) will go forward to the next round. Otherwise his opponent will go through.

If a tie is all square after eighteen holes, the match may continue on a sudden death basis. This will start at the next hole and only start at other holes by mutual consent. Strokes will be taken as per the stroke index on the card. Where sudden death is not possible, the tie can be replayed over eighteen holes, provided it is played by the notified date for completion of the tie.

The winner of the tie, whether played or by default, must inform the Match Secretary as soon as possible after completion (and prior to the notified date for completion of the ties). If the result of a match has not been notified to the Match Secretary completion date, it will be the bottom player who will progress.

Extensions beyond the notified completion date will not normally be granted. Extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances e.g. such as illness (opponents being on leave will not be accepted as a basis for granting extensions). Any request for an extension must be made to the Match Secretary in writing (e-mail is acceptable) at least one week prior to the notified completion date stating the reason why an extension is being requested and giving the proposed date for completion of the tie. The Match Secretary will then reply in writing either granting the extension or not.

Regardless of the circumstances, if a player has any problems with the playing of a tie by the due date, it is incumbent upon them to contact the Match Secretary.

All local rules appearing on the cards of the courses or displayed in the Troon Clubhouse.
(CAAGS has written exemption from the requirement to lift and place the ball off the fairways when playing in Medal Competitions during the period when this rule is in operation.)
During the period 1st November to 30th April, Preferred Lies will be in operation  -              "A ball lying on the fairway may be lifted and cleaned without penalty and placed within 6 inches of where it originally lay but no nearer the hole and so as to preserve as nearly as possible, the stance required to play from the original lie. After the ball is placed it is in play."
On the Fairway - Definition by Committee - "On the short cut grass areas of the course except the teeing ground and putting surface of that hole or in any hazard on the course."
The following are considered obstructions under Rule 24.2
Any part of the course so marked by the course management. (That marked part of the 3rd on Lochgreen between the tee and the fairway and the right hand side of the 13th on Darley excluding that part of the Darley Burn within the area.)
On Darley, a player may lift and drop no nearer the hole without penalty from fences behind the 2nd green and behind and to the left of the 16th green.
Any other rule valid when indicated on the main notice board.

A list of current Exact and Playing Handicaps will be displayed on the Website. Members will be advised of reductions in Playing Handicap as soon as possible after they are made. Increases in Handicaps will be notified on the results sheets. Reductions take effect immediately after the round is completed but increases take effect only when notified on the Handicap List.
It is the responsibility of the player to record on the card his current Playing Handicap. If no handicap is recorded or the handicap recorded is higher than that to which he is entitled, he will be disqualified, otherwise the score will stand. A player who has recorded a sub
SSS score in his previous round but has not had notification of a reduction, and is unable to ascertain his correct handicap, must make the appropriate reduction in his handicap (as indicated below) before playing the next competition or, if playing away from his Home Club, report the relevant scores below his handicap to the organisers before playing in that competition.

 H'cap up to 5:       

Reduce exact h'cap by 0.1 for each stroke below CSS (or SSS)

 6 to 12:

Reduce exact h'cap by 0.2 for each stroke below CSS (or SSS)

 13 to 20:  

Reduce exact h'cap by 0.3 for each stroke below CSS (or SSS)

 20 + 

Reduce exact h'cap by 0.4 for each stroke below CSS (or SSS)

A member whose handicap is maintained by CAAGS, must inform the Secretary immediately of all Qualifying Scores (including No Returns) returned away from CAAGS competitions together with the date and SSS of the course. Failure to do so is likely to lead to suspension of handicap.
In order to maintain a current handicap, a player must compete in at least three Qualifying competitions in a year. (1st February to 31st January). Failure to do this will result in his handicap lapsing and will not be eligible for Qualifying Competitions.